Day 11

The camera has taken on its own persona; there are two narratives being recorded. The overt narrative pauses to stare at things the body is trying to bring attention for the camera. The camera stares at things the body will notice during the play back. What gets mentioned in this short recapitulation is a combination, an attempt to capture the space between the two. Mind and the machine.

Video A I begin by trying to show the camera the free stack of books, the camera fixates on the book titled, "Black Power Inc" by Cora Daniels.

22:57 the woman in red has such an intense look as she scans the subway car nervously. She suddenly discovers the camera and her eyes. I am staring at the man's carved cane; he is sitting across from me in purple and dark sunglasses. The camera notices the woman to my right begins to massage her thumb and uses pressure techniques that are deliberate and keep going until 30:24.

37:45 There is an intersection between a baby stroller and a homeless cart, creating a choreographed geometry at the intersection.

40:14 I am waiting for breakfast at Morgan's deli again- while looking at the breakfast table in Libre, CO on instagram.