Day 20

I find myself spending less and less time in the realm of public space, but what then constitutes public space? The place where I am sitting at this moment is in my bedroom beneath a window that provides a direct view onto my neighbor's back deck. Every once in a while I am staring up at the sky, thinking, and she comes into my blurred view. Does this constitute public space? The front room of our ground floor has two windows that face the sidewalk and then the street. It is summer, 89 degrees and 85% humidity, we keep our windows and doors open at all hours. While watching winnie the pooh with my son, a car pulls up with glass rattling drum and bass. The car stays, my 20 month old says, "loud", and then starts to bob his head to the music. Where does public space end, and private space begin? Are there boundaries? Boundaries are for those who can afford them. Boundaries are for the faint at heart. Boundaries are rich, smug, exclusive, obfuscating, comfortable, controlled, and not real.