Day 16

At night the Body Cam feels uncomfortably more authoritarian, more of a protective device against the people in my own neighborhood. Am I a fearful white woman walking in a black neighborhood? Am I an undercover cop surveilling the area? Am I a Peeping Tom? It sets me apart when all I want to do at night is blend in. The Body Cam becomes more invasive looking into lit bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms; I feel caught lingering too long. It makes me feel like I am looking for something in nothing; I am spying on the place that I once belonged in. These are the streets I walk everyday, but The Body Cam is a complete stranger. The video is mostly dark, spotted by lit interiors and street lamps, making the walk look more desolate than it actually was. The footage captures a blindness, a distance, and a lack of connection that was felt while shooting. Is this a more pronounced version of what is reflected during the day?