Day 14

A day away from being halfway through. Day 14 leaves the realm of people, although they are not far behind. The body camera looks at the ocean from the twisted remains of a built shoreline. The Political washes away here, at the boundary between people and the infinite. There is no negative space or a place in between, just a horizon line the curves softly against both lenses. This feels like a place of rest, the difference between being in the city and being in nature is felt in my gut. There is wonderment here, what I feel when I am making work in the mountains. It does something else to my creative force and brings out a different set of questions, about time, space, and other dimensions. When you bring a practice or a discipline that has been rooted in a specific kind of place- in the case the body camera project sited in New York City- and transplant it into a space that is its opposite- the body camera project at the edge of the ocean- the experience produces a different set of parameters that result in different questions. The questions that emerged from yesterday's walk along the edge of the ocean had to do with becoming un-embodied, moving into a different kind of space, and a glimpse of freedom.