Day 9

No public space = no post = space for reflection
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I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the last 8 days of this project, to reconsider the methodology based on what is working and what is becoming stale. If you have any thoughtful comments or suggestions on what could be improved please speak up!

(1) I will stop reading while riding the train:
The most surprising aspect of the experience of wearing a body camera in public is the lack of response. Most people don't even bother to look, to question, to be annoyed; they don't even notice. This is not a project about aggressive confrontation or about overtly provoking a reaction, but I question whether there are subtle ways to invite more interaction. One of the highlights of this project hapened on Day 3 (22:16) when a woman on the train asked me what I was wearing on my head. The conversation lasted 3 express stops and her and her friend seemed to be in support of what I was doing; at one point she said, "God bless you," which was a complete surprise. This happened when I was standing there without a reading perched in front of face. While this makes for an interesting image and provides context for the experience, it may be a barrier against just being present and open in public space.

A Rant About "Technology", blog post by Ursula Le Guin