Day 4

I started this project without knowing all the details... how would thirty days effect my family, would I attain a sense of immersion, would the law stop the project before it even began, what are the personal risks, what are the rules, what actually matters? This project is also about the act of doing something daily- a practice. This is about me getting back into my practice after becoming a Mother, and so I was anxious to just begin. I started filming before I knew how I would make the work public. Clarity on the form comes during moments when I am filming and reading and walking, and so it is constantly changing. The tone of my writing is changing. The way I select the reading is changing. Should I be using live streaming, which has its own significance. I just read that NY Art Central, the 100 year old art supply store on 3rd, is closing shop because of rising real estate prices, but mostly because artists don't buy those type of tools and supplies like they once did when Jasper Johns was a frequent customer.

I am figuring the details out as I go, fucking up the post and reloading it, misspelled words, grammatical errors, video files that are too big for the download, forgetting to add # and @- I am just starting to catch up or at least establish a sustainable method... maybe, we'll see what time tells. Day 4 took place the day after Bastille Day. I knew the tension would be high on the street. Its Friday, the end of a workweek. We are all tired. Day 4 is about being tired, being quiet, looking from the corner of your eye but not really caring.

Little Sister's Watching, Too: Surveillance Art and the Ethics of Looking, by Sami Emory, Jan 5 2016, The Creators Project