Live Stream, 10 Min Clip, TRT: 32:00, 2018

Sound design by Luz Fleming

Commissioned by The Paseo Project, Taos, NM

LIVE STREAM is a live-streamed performance and video using surveillance technology as a tool to channel disappeared migratory paths and waterways in and around the site of the Acequia Madre (Taos, NM). I use my body to physically trace buried paths that have been disrupted by ongoing notions of land ownership, boundary systems, and the built environment. Navigating these contested spaces with a wireless camera attached to my body, a video installation transmits my remote exploration as a disorienting but potentially “grounding” viewer experience.

Can an authoritarian technology be transformed by a bodily perspective? Through the use of video and performance, Live Stream attempts to perceive beyond the surface of the built environment through the act of walking, to uncover and reclaim the vitality of ecological resources that continue to exist today.

This project was made possible by the guidance and permission of Bobby Jaramillo, the Mayordomo of the Acequia Madre (Taos, NM) and Taos Town Councilor George “Fritz” Hahn. The project was curated by Erin Elder for We Are All Space in Time and commissioned by the Paseo Project, 2018.

Excerpt from Exhibition Catalogue, design by Melissa Gorman, 2019.